Join or volunteer for community-based Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby support groups such as:

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory



Other ways to help

  • Collect evidence like sighting of animal, scats, etc for identification by experts – you may find a new colony!
  • Become involved in monitoring Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby colonies by contacting DECC.

State parks agency contact details are listed on State Information pages: Victoria | New South Wales | Queensland

State Information

What you can do!

An important aspect of Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby recovery is the active involvement of local landholders and the community overall. See what you can do!


Did you know?

Before European settlement, Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies were widespread throughout southern Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. At the beginning of the twentieth century over half a million animals were killed for the fur trade and as agricultural pests.